Silicone moulds for cosmetics and pharmacy

Maé manufactures silicone moulds and parts for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries: lipstick nipples, moulds for soaps and solid shampoos, suppository moulds, cups for filling perfume bottles, clamping jaws, etc…

Tailor-made: our speciality

Maé designs your moulds and manufactures all kinds of tailor-made moulds and silicone parts in compliance with your technical requirements (clamping jaws, suppository moulds, solid products, cups for filling your perfume bottles…).

Maé also offers the creation of models and cups in polyurethane resin, from the simplest to the most sophisticated! Our design office uses CAD to develop parts perfectly adapted to your bottles; colours and engravings to quickly distinguish your products; innovative materials that combine resistance and flexibility; solutions that consider all your technical requirements!

You have the idea, we implement it!

Our know-how

Since 1996, Maé Innovation has been designing and producing silicone moulds for the manufacture of lipsticks, cosmetic powders, hot-cast soaps, solid cosmetic products (balms, deodorants, sticks, shampoos, …) and suppositories and other pharmaceutical products.

The diversity of Maé Innovation projects over the years allows for advice and expertise adapted to your business :

  • Major laboratories and cosmetics brands, such as CHANEL and DIOR
  • Fabricators
  • New stakeholders with small-scale production

Maé expertise means differentiation, sophistication, and finesse !

Our silicone adapts to the world of cosmetics and care by offering a perfect homogeneity of surface appearance and a particular resistance to environmental stress. Specialising in the manufacture of silicone moulds using a patented system, we create moulds adapted to the shapes and volumes of your products.

We will help you integrate the silicone mould into your production environment through our knowledge of the problems of lipstick surface appearance, soap base removal, density, fragrance, and so on. Our team can take charge of your project from A to Z and design the moulds with quality, ease of use and aesthetics in mind.

Our “standard” silicone moulds

Maé has more than 200 items of “standard” silicone moulds adapted to the world of cosmetics : beehive moulds, pebble moulds, honeycomb moulds, classic shapes such as cylinder, cube, heart, … Essential to make your balms and solid shampoos, your soaps, and your candles.

To find out about all our “standard size” silicone moulds, download our catalogue or visit our online shop in the “silicone moulds” section.

Silicone, a natural origin!

Contrary to popular belief, silicone is not made of plastic, but of silicon (just like glass and ceramics for that matter). Silicon is the most abundant element on Earth, after oxygen. In nature, it exists in the form of sand and rock.

In addition to its natural origin, the premium silicone selected by Maé Innovation has remarkable mechanical properties and is suitable for intensive use in industrial and laboratory environments.

Our cosmetic ranges



Excellent, tailor-made product, which completely meets our expectations.


We worked with Maé to make our custom moulds. They listened to our needs, and were as qualitative and professional as possible.

Philippine, RESPIRE

I called on the company MAE-Innovation to develop customised moulds for solid cosmetics. Despite their specialisation in the food sector, their products are completely adaptable to the solid cosmetics sector. I was very satisfied with their know-how and responsiveness.

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