Every year we create more than 350 tailor-made products for the food, cosmetics, and other industries (construction, railway, automotive, etc…).

Our only limit: your imagination.

Maé, specialist in tailor-made moulds

Maé has a unique know-how: the tailor-made manufacturing of silicone moulds and parts. We understand all your constraints and provide perfectly adapted solutions!

Tailor-made : a leverage for differentiation

Every day we create new shapes! Our solutions will help you make your product identifiable and unique. Our designers use the latest technology, 3D drawing software and 3D printing to realise your project.

From prototype to industrial series, Maé makes the moulds you need!

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A solution for your production line

Maé designs tailor-made silicone moulds and parts for your production lines.

You are looking for a silicone mould for dosing, baking, freezing, pouring a material, recovering tank bottoms, sealing, handling and many other industrial processes.

In several technical sectors, such as the Agri-food sector and Cosmetics, Maé teams know your environment and design tailor-made silicone moulds for you to install on your production equipment.

No minimum order required.

The stages of your tailor-made project

A tailor-made project at Maé Innovation is divided into 5 key stages:

1. Specifications This lists all the technical and practical characteristics of your needs. Upon receipt of your request, a dedicated project manager will assist you in drawing up your specifications and identify all the parameters required to successfully complete your project. Are the dimensions adequate to achieve the desired weight? To which types of machines and conveyors do you wish to adapt your production? Is your production automated? What will be the end use of your product? So many essential questions that will enable us to respond perfectly to your needs while respecting your production environment.

2. 3D modelling using CAD software : our team of designers will then take care of modelling your request. We first send you a technical data sheet for shape validation, then a 3D digital drawing and a detailed drawing of your mould. Would you like to change any features? The shape doesn’t suit you perfectly? Rest assured, we can adapt the digital design!


3. Production of a prototype silicone part or mould: once the 3D drawing is completely in line with your expectations, we send you a prototype and the corresponding new technical data sheet for final validation before manufacturing the series.

4. Manufacture of the tooling and then of the series : we then launch the manufacture of the tooling.

5. Delivery of your unique finished products !

The manufacturing lead times for your moulds or tailor-made parts vary according to your request.

moule silicone cosmétique

The “+” Maé

PREMIUM silicone

For more than 10 years our silicone moulds and parts have been manufactured with the famous SIL035, a premium silicone with outstanding mechanical properties. Our industrial customers report superior service life with SIL035 silicone. It withstands extreme temperatures from -100°C (with a few precautions) to +280°C, and even higher in some cases. This silicone is suitable for intensive use in an industrial environment.

FOOD GRADE silicone

Maé has all the food grade safety certificates in accordance with French and American legislation in force.

The entire Silmaé range (Maé Innovation’s silicone moulds) is approved as food grade.

Consult the analysis reports of the IANESCO Laboratory

STRICTS controls

Every day, our products are subjected to quality controls and tests at every stage of production : from the receipt of raw materials to final delivery. A grey room has been designed for our teams to work in a hygienically impeccable manner.

A variety of colours

All our silicone moulds and parts are available in several colours. For example, choose a colour for each of your uses: black for cooking, green for organic or gluten-free products, blue for deep-freezing, etc!

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