Cosmetic silicone mould 

More ecological, more economical, solid cosmetics have the wind in their sails !

Are you a manufacturer of solid cosmetic products and looking for silicone moulds suitable for your production? Whether you are a craftsman, a professional or an industrialist, Silmaé is made for you !

Silmaé is the range of silicone moulds from Maé Innovation. They are perfectly adapted to solid cosmetology: solid shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, make-up removers, balms, exfoliants…

Solid cosmetic moulds

Our Silmaé silicone moulds offer many guarantees within your production unit or laboratory :

  • A long lifespan: our moulds are designed with a 100% premium, ultra-resistant silicone for intensive use in the laboratory.
  • Easy demoulding of your solid cosmetic products
  • A wide range (more than 200 items) of “standard” moulds, delivered in a few days to your production site.
  • The possibility of creating tailor-made moulds, adapted to your production unit, or personalised for more original shapes.
  • French manufacture: our moulds are made at our site in Ville-aux-Dames, near Tours.
  • A choice of silicone colour allows you to differentiate your products (green for organic products for example).

pictogramme fabriqué en france