Maé Innovation manufactures silicone nipples for your sticks and lipsticks.

Why use a silicone mould to make your sticks or lipsticks?

  • Silicone makes it possible to obtain grapes with unique engravings and surface aspects, especially the velvet-feel.
  • Using a silicone mould requires no lubrication and is non-stick, which makes it easier to remove products from the mould.

At Maé Innovation, we use a premium, high quality silicone that ensures a long life, even for intensive use.

How to order silicone moulds for balms or lipsticks?

Moulds for lip sticks are tailor-made. If you are interested, it’s very simple! All you have to do is provide us with your criteria (length of the desired mould, diameter, length of the stick after casting, etc.) and your possible manufacturing constraints. A project manager from our design office will quickly get back to you to provide a quotation and manufacturing lead times.


Tailor-made at Maé