Industrial technical pieces

With a strong know-how in injection moulding and a considerable fleet of machines, Maé manufactures in France tailor-made technical silicone parts in small and large series.

Maé, at the service of industries…

Maé designs and manufactures more than 350 tailor-made silicone moulds and parts every year for many industrial sectors, such as electrical engineering, construction, railways, automotive…

You are an industrial professional and are looking for tailor-made silicone parts? Contact us! Our team is responsive and efficient!

Silicone, applications in various industries

The properties of silicone make it suitable for many applications in the most diverse industries :

  • Electrical engineering : by making moulds for encapsulating circuits or batteries, insulating parts, covers…
  • The building industry : for casting and moulding resin or technical cement for example.
  • Automotive and railways : equipment manufacturers and constructors call on Maé to produce tailor-made silicone parts, such as bellows for trains.

Silicone, exceptional properties

Thanks to silicone, you can mould, cool, electrically insulate, protect, package, mask…

An overview of its many advantages :

  • Thermal properties : our premium silicone selected by Maé Innovation is resistant to very high temperatures, up to + 300°C.
  • Cold resistance : our silicone resists to temperatures as low as -60°C.
  • Foolproof resistance : the premium quality of Maé Innovation silicone ensures a long life to the manufactured parts and allows intensive use in industrial environment. It is resistant to weather, humidity, non-aggressive acids and alkalis.
  • Electrical properties : silicone is an excellent electrical insulator. It does not conduct electricity.
  • Mechanical properties : it has a very good elastic recovery.
  • Choice of colours : at Maé, we offer silicones in different colours, allowing you to visually differentiate between uses.

Making a tailor-made piece at Maé

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