Silicone Waffle Mould 12 cavities Ø86 mm – 91 ml

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Maé Innovation 12 Waffle Silicone Mold

You want to add the famous waffle to your pastry range. Our 12-well silicone waffle mold is the essential tool to easily make delicious waffles. Whether for a snack or a gourmet dessert, the waffle is a classic in French pastry. Covered with chocolate, jam, or spread, the waffle can be adapted to many recipes. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits, whether sweet or savory waffles.

Made in France with high-quality food-grade silicone, the silicone waffle mold ensures quick and easy demolding of your waffles without sticking to the mold. Thus, thanks to its professional-grade non-stick coating, no more waffles sticking and difficult to demold.

Equipped with 12 impressions, you can easily make large quantities of waffles in a single batch. The wells are well defined, allowing you to achieve soft and crispy waffles at the same time. Thanks to its flexibility, you can easily demold your waffles without damaging them, for a perfect result every time. And besides being practical and efficient, our silicone waffle mold is also very easy to clean.

In short, don’t wait any longer to get our silicone waffle mold. Carefully designed by pastry professionals, it will allow you to create perfect waffles every time.

Features of the Silicone Waffle Mold

  • Dimensions: 400X300 mm
  • Number of Wells: 12 wells
  • Well Dimensions: Ø86X20 mm
  • Volume per Well: 91 ml

3D shape of the waffle mold

Advantages of the Mold

  • Premium food-grade silicone for intensive and professional use
  • Resistant to temperatures from -45°C to +280°C
  • Easy demolding
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in France
  • Guaranteed food compliance (compliance with current European and American standards)
  • Suitable for use on automated production lines
  • Common dosing intervals with many Silmaé products (Maé Innovation’s range of silicone molds)
  • 1 Maé Innovation Silicone Mold (Silmaé) is designed for multiple uses

How to Use a Silicone Waffle Mold?

Our 12-waffle silicone mold is very easy to use. You just need a good waffle batter. Pour it directly into your silicone mold. Thanks to the dimensions of our mold, baking is possible in a standard oven. All that’s left is to put the silicone waffle mold in the oven until it is well golden and fluffy.

Usage Recommendations

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