There are many shapes, sizes and formats of silicone moulds. It is therefore difficult to know which silicone mould to choose. This is why we are going to enlighten you on our Silmaé range.

Plate size

The format most used by professionals is 400x600mm as these are the dimensions of professional ovens.

If you are a private individual or if your oven or freezer is small, prefer the 400x300mm format. Do not hesitate to ask us to cut the 400x600mm sheets in two at the time of the order if this format does not exist on the online shop

A last format exists, it is the US format 445X745mm.

NB: we also use the GN1/3 format

4 Silmaé GN1/3 = 1 Silmaé 40×60.


Alveole size

Individual silicone moulds

These are large format moulds with many cavities that do not exceed 100mm.

These moulds allow craftsmen and industrialists to obtain conventional sizes for small cakes or burgers, for example. They can also be easily adapted to catering activities and festive events.

For solid cosmetics these are the perfect moulds for small soaps, deodorants and skincare products.


Silicone moulds to share

These are moulds that often have the particularity of having only one cell, they are perfect for your culinary creations (Christmas logs, desserts…)

In cosmetics, it is the ideal mould for pouring soap bars that will be sliced!




Mini silicone moulds

The mini moulds are up to about 50ml.

Adopted for aperitifs or gourmet coffees, it is also the mould for refined events and XXS projects

In cosmetics, it is perfect fot the travel size !

moules en silicone


Be careful, you will find many moulds on the internet but the quality is not always up to scratch, you must be vigilant about the origin of the product, its resistance to temperature and your expectations according to your job. You should also check that the product is suitable for food, especially for fatty products.

At Maé Innovation, we have selected a Premium silicone, food grade, for intensive use in a professional and industrial environment. We are transparent and we publish the analysis report of the IANESCO laboratory.

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