With the Sil’tip mark your bread

Patented innovation !

Sil’Tip was invented by Gilles Sicart, Expert Baker and Director of the Institut Technique des Métiers du pain.

Made in France, this marker mat allows bakers to identify their breads in relief and in an original and permanent way.

Sil’Tip has many uses: on the dough, under the dough or as a stencil for classic sieving among others.

This product is innovative and easy to clean and has a very long lifespan.

Our different Sil’tip bread markers

A standard offer of 6 designs is proposed to differentiate your breads, especially your special breads (AB, organic) but it is also available in tailor-made production to help you stand out and contribute to your reputation.

Standard diameter : 130mm

Below are our standard models, sold in boxes of 12 units:

  • Sil’Tip AB : Réf.012410
  • Sil’Tip B : Réf.012411
  • Sil’Tip Bio : Réf.012412
  • Sil’Tip Quadrillage : Réf.012413
  • Sil’Tip Epi : Réf.012414
  • Sil’Tip Smiley : Réf.012415

Make your bread your best ambassador!

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Download the Sil’tip documentation

Tapis marqueur_Siltip_FR_Web [731 KB] pdf

Discover the possible uses of Sil’Tip!

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