chocolate bread

Prali pop chocolate bread by chef Jean Larroque

You can find the mould used for this recipe in our online shop : madeleine mould Ref 011955

Ingredients                                         Weight in gpain au chocolat

  • Traditional Flour                             825
  • Oatmeal flour                                  275
  • Salt                                                     20
  • Sugar                                                135
  • Yeast                                                  50
  • S500 special                                     10
  • Whole milk                                      600
  • Soft butter                                        90
  • Mimetic Primeur                            500

Chocolate popcorn bar

  • Prali pop                                            300
  • Milk chocolate caramel                   300
  • Broken specula                                 100
  • Milk powder                                       12

Melt the milk chocolate and mix it with the praline. Add the milk powder at the end of the mixture.

Place 20g bars in the MAE madeleines long moulds and leave for 1 hour at 4°C


Working method

Kneading (spiral) 5min in 1st 7-8min in 2nd
Paste consistency Bâtarde
Dough temperature 24°C
Scoring 15-20min well rolled out dough in cling film, then roll out and put in the freezer for 20min. Put the dough pieces at 3°C until the next day.
Division / Shaping
Tourrage  one double and one single turn. Leave to rest at 4°C for 30min. Roll out to 3.5-4mm then cut into rectangles of 8cm base and 16-18cm height depending on weight then roll with 1 chocopop bar.
Primer Approximately 2h to 2h30 at 25°C
Set design / Blow of the gun gilding
Cooking 200-210°C deck oven 18min
Penetrant testing   On grid
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