Stainless steel baking tray 6 cells – 600×800 mm

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Bread and baguette baking tray

. BAKING TRAY/ Bread net / Baguette net
. Dimensions : 600X800 mm – 6 cells
. The Fil’Maé is a STAINLESS STEEL BAKING TRAY with staples on each stem
. Grey silicone non-stick coating
. Once the thread is used, it is easy to replace the fabric.


The Fil’Maé bread and baguette BAKING TRAY is optimised for baking raw or frozen bread. The non-stick silicone coating makes Easy demoulding quick and easy to use. The canvas is interchangeable, once the net is worn, it is possible to replace the old canvas with a new one. You can change the canvas yourself from your production site, or you can send us back BAKING TRAY with the used canvas and we will take care of the canvas change.


For more information on Baking trays for bread, please visit the recommendations for use page.

Recommendations for use

Weight 2 kg
Plate size

600X800 mm


Mould shape



Culinary application

Baguettes, Breads

Your profession


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