Sil’tip bread marker – MIXED BOX – lot of 12 units

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The Sil’Tip is your bread marker mat

It will allow you to personalize and differentiate your breads.
It DESIGNis permanent and has multiple uses (under or on the dough, in stencil…)
Very resistant, it has a long lifespan.
Easy to clean.
This bag contains 12 Sil’Tip. It is a mix of our 6 standard shapes, (2 units AB, 2 units B, 2 units Bio, 2 units Grid, 2 units Smiley, 2 units Wheat ears).
There are 6 standard markings in the catalogue but this product is especially available in custom-made (with your logo, your brand, for a special event…). For a DESIGNcustom-made product, contact us, send us DESIGNwhat you want and we will make you a proposal!
Diameter of 13 cm.

How to use your Sil’Tip


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Culinary application

Breads, Sets

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Gilles Sicart

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