Sil’tip bread marker – design RUGBY BALL – lot of 6 units

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The Sil’Tip is your bread marker mat

It gives you the opportunity to personalize and differentiate your breads.
It has many advantages: a permanent marking – a diversity of shapes – a variety of uses (under or on the dough, as a stencil…)
Very resistant, it has an unrivalled lifetime and is easy to clean.
This bag contains 12 Sil’Tip.
There are 6 standard markings in the catalogue but the Sil’Tip can be customized with your logo, your name, your brand. Interested in a customized design? Contact us, send us what the marking you wan and we will send you a proposal!

How to use your Sil’Tip

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160X100 mm

Mould shape




Culinary application

Breads, Sets

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Gilles Sicart

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