Silicone pie mould Easy Pie Squared 24 cavities – 72 ml

72,10  EXCL

Easy Pie Mould

Maé’s Easy Pie moulds are a range of silicone moulds designed to make your pies without melting the pastry. The shape of the mould has been specially designed to accommodate poachable pastries and appliances. This mould is made of high quality food grade silicone, durable, washable, reusable, easy to handle and clean. In addition, the non-stick nature of this mould and its flexibility allow for easy and clean removal from the mould. Finally, the shape of this mould allows you to obtain a very soft result in record time.

Characteristics of the Easy tart square mould

  • 400×600 mm 24 cavities
  • Dimensions of the cavities: Ø80x80x20mm – 72mL

The advantages of the professional mould

  • Premium food grade silicone for intensive use
  • Resistant to temperatures of -45°C + 280°C
  • Easy to demould (recommended: demould after freezing)
  • Made in France

The variety of the Easy Tarte range allows multiple applications: tarts, decorations, travel cakes… Find 5 other references on the online shop!

Recommendations for use

Weight 1 kg


Plate size

400X600 mm


80X80X20 mm



Mould shape



Culinary application

Biscuits, Cakes, Chocolates, Pie crusts, Tarts

In collaboration with

Frédéric Bourse

Your profession

Chocolate shop – Confectionery, Food industries, Hotels – Restaurants – Cafés – Caterers, Pastry shop

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