Savarin silicone mould with well 6 cavities Ø75X45 mm – 160 ml

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Savarin Mould with Wells in Silicone

The Savarin mould with wells in silicone, in the shape of a crown, is the mould you need to make the famous French pastry, the savarin!
In a pursuit of economic performance, we strive to offer silicone moulds that allow for various applications (sweet, savory, baked, frozen, and many more). This mould can also be used for all your ring-shaped recipes, such as the Paris Brest.

All our Maé silicone moulds are made with premium-quality food-grade silicone. Thus, they are sturdy and designed for professional and intensive use. They withstand extreme temperatures (from -45°C to +280°C) and adapt to the mechanization and automation of your production line.

Because at Maé, we love to innovate and develop a more comprehensive range of products, we have designed a square silicone sa varin mould available in different formats and with varying numbers of wells.

For recipe ideas, discover the chef’s recipe Romain Grousseau made with the square savarin mould.

Features of the well savarin mould

  • Dimensions: 200X300 mm
  • Number of wells: 6 wells
  • Well dimensions: Ø75/73X45 mm
  • Volume of one well: 160 ml

Advantages of Maé Silicone Moulds

  • Premium food-grade silicone for intensive and professional use
  • Resistant to temperatures from -45°C to +280°C
  • Easy demoulding
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in France
  • Guaranteed compliance with food standards (European and American standards in force)
  • Suitable for use on automated production lines
  • Dosing spacings common to many Silmaé moulds (Maé Innovation’s silicone mould range)
  • One Maé Innovation silicone mould (Silmaé) is designed for multiple uses

Origin of the savarin:

The savarin is a French pastry created in the 19th century in Paris by two pastry brothers. This pastry is named “savarin” by the two brothers in homage to the famous French writer and gastronome Brillat-Savarin.
In order to innovate and improve the recipe for rum baba, the two brothers came up with the idea of creating a cake in the shape of a crown and changed the syrup composition. This pastry quickly became popular and dethroned the rum baba. The savarin is exclusively prepared in a savarin mould to clearly distinguish it from the rum baba.

Precautions for use

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