Petit beurre mould 15 cells – 100 ml

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Silicone petit beurre mould

Discover this silicone mould petit beurre, this famous shape is perfect to realize your creations and add a new product in your shop. The petit beurre mould is timeless and has been handed down through the generations. It will always remain a pastry classic.

Characteristics of the petit beurre mould :

– 400X300 mm 15 cells
– Cavities dimensions : 76X61X25 mm – 100 ml

The advantages of the silicone mould petit beurre :

  • Premium silicone for a intensive use
  • Use temperature from -45°C + 280°C
  • Easy demoulding (recommendation: demoulding after deep-freezing )
  • Made in France

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