Perforated Aluminum Pastry Sheet 90° GN1/1 – 325X530 mm

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Perforated Aluminum Pastry Sheet GN1/1

The perforated aluminum sheet from Maé Innovation is the tool that will allow you to achieve better heat distribution and thus achieve more even baking of your preparations.

To adapt to the format of restaurant professionals, we offer aluminum pastry sheets in GN1/1 format: 325X530 MM.

Thanks to the Ø3 mm perforations on this 325X530 mm sheet, this pastry sheet can accommodate your silicone sheets and distribute the heat in a way that ensures success in all your upcoming baking. Using a sheet provides stability to your mold and facilitates its movement.

Sponges, cookie doughs, Maé pastry sheets will perfectly meet the needs of chefs and professionals in sweet and savory cooking.

This aluminum sheet is also available in the GN1/1 with 45° edges format.

Features of the perforated aluminum sheet

  • GN1/1 format for restaurant professionals
  • Dimensions: 325X530 mm
  • Perforated
  • Ø3 mm perforations
  • 90° edges
  • Thickness 15/10th
  • Outer edges folded for better rigidity

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