Silicone muffin mould 6 cavities – 148 ml

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Professional silicone muffin mould

Maé’s professional silicone muffin mould allows you to make delicious sweet and savory muffins. Our silicone moulds are ideal for making your muffins easily. Indeed, Maé silicone moulds allow an optimal thermal conduction, which gives a perfect cooking to your muffins. Moreover, the non-stick nature of this mould and its flexibility allow you to easily and cleanly remove the mould from the pan to obtain professional muffins. Thanks to Maé’s muffin moulds, you will obtain perfect and greedy pastries!

Made in France with 100% premium quality food grade silicone, Maé silicone moulds are resistant to intensive use and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -45°C to +280°C.

This mould is also available in a 400x600mm size, whiche allows you to bake up to 24 delicious muffins with the quality of a professional silicone. Among our range of muffin moulds, find many different formats to satisfy all your desires.

Characteristics of the professional muffin mould

  • Dimensions: 175x300mm
  • Number of cavities: 6
  • Dimensions of cavities : Ø72X44 mm
  • Volume of a cavity: 148 ml

The advantages of Maé silicone moulds

  • Premium food grade silicone for intensive and professional use
  • Temperature resistant from -45°C + 280°C
  • Easy to remove from the mould
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in France
  • Guaranteed food conformity (European and American standards in force)
  • Suitable for use on automated production lines
  • Dosing distances common to many Silmaé (Maé Innovation’s range of silicone moulds)
  • One Maé Innovation silicone mould (Silmaé) is designed for multiple uses

The history of the muffin

The muffin is a dessert that originated in Wales and was later exported to the United States. It quickly became popular all over the world. The muffins we eat most in France are American muffins, not to be confused with the English pancake muffins. The muffin can be found in most French bakeries/pastry shops, the muffin is a dessert that can easily be personalised with the ingredients of your choice.

Recommendations for use



Plate size



72/58X44 mm




Mould shape



Culinary application

Brownies, Cakes, Cheesecakes, Cupcakes, Fondants, Moist, Muffins, Puddings, Tarts

Your profession

Hotels – Restaurants – Cafés – Caterers, Pastry shop

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