Bagel mould 12 cells – 110×18 mm

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Fiberglass bagel mould

Bagel mould

Make up to 12 bagels with this Fibermaé fiberglass mould. This mould is designed for baking your bagels, it keeps the rounded shape during baking and keeps the famous hole inside the bagel which makes it its specialty. The Fibermaé bagel pan is made to obtain a homogeneous baking and a beautiful crispy and golden crust!

The + of the bagel mould:

  • Resists extreme temperatures: -35 to +280°C.
  • Easy demoulding.
  • Made in France.


Characteristic of the bagel mould :

Tray size : 400X600 mm
Number of cavities: 12
Cavities capacity: 150 ml
External dimension in axis X: 390 mm
External dimension in axis Y: 590 mm
Pitch in axis X: 125 mm
Pitch in axis Y: 150 mm
Number of cavities in axis X: 3
Number of cavities in axis Y: 4

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400×600 mm

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