Kougelhopf mould 12 cavities – 64 ml

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Professional silicone kougelhopf mould

Our Silmaé kougelhopf mould is perfect for baking your kouglof, fluted brioches or cake. These silicone moulds make it easy to make your Alsatian kouglof recipes. Indeed, Maé silicone moulds allow an optimal thermal conduction, which gives a perfect cooking to your kouglofs. Moreover, the non-stick nature of this mould and its flexibility, allow you to easily and cleanly remove the mould to obtain professional kougelhopf. Thanks to the different sizes of the professional kougelhopf moulds, you can reinvent the famous Alsatian kouglof recipe!

The kougelhopf often attached to a pastry called classic, is now reworked by many chefs, it can be enjoyed sweet or savory.

For those who like mini sizes, Maé Innovation thinks of you. We have in our range a mini silicone kougelhopf mould, for small kougelhopf bites.

Characteristics of the kougelhopf mould

  • 400X300 mm – 12 cavities
  • Cavities dimensions : Ø69X36 mm – 64 ml

Advantages of the mould

  • Premium silicone for one of intensive use
  • Use temperature- 45°C + 280°C
  • Easy release
  • Made in France
  • Easy to clean
  • Guaranteed food conformity (European and American standards in force)
  • Suitable for useon automated production lines
  • Dosing distance common to many Silmaé
  • 1Silmaé is designed for multiple uses

The history of the Kougelhopf

The oldest kougelhopf moulds that have been found date back to the 18th century. But the legends about the history of the famous Alsatian brioche are multiple. It is said that the kougelhopf was put in fashion in France by Marie-Antoinette then wife of Louis XVI. Another claims that the kougelhopf was created for the very first time by the Three Kings to thank the hospitality of a pastry chef named Kugel. Many other legends are told about the origin of this pastry, but all agree on one thing, its particular shape which makes it a traditional pastry that endures over time.


Recommendations of use



Plate size

400X300 mm


69X36 mm




Mould shape



Culinary application

Brioches, Kugelhopf, Kugelhopf

Your profession

Bakery, Hotels – Restaurants – Cafés – Caterers, Pastry shop

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