Individual aluminised steel bread mould 180x80mm

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Category : Bread baking moulds

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Professional bread mould and brioche :

Bread mould Single in aluminized steel 180/175 x 80/75mm, with a depth of 80mm.

This rectangular bread pan is perfect for a intensive use. Get a professional and quality rendering. The format of this bread pan has been designed to suit as many people as possible.

With the PFA inner non-stick coating and the PTFE outer non-stick coating, demoulding is easy.

Its shape allows you to realize :

  • Rectangular breads
  • Rectangular buns
  • Loaves of bread
  • Cakes.

Product highlights :

  • Easy demoulding
  • Quality rendering
  • intensive use
  • Ideal format

Characteristic of the bread pan :

  • Materials: aluminized steel
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Colour: Dull grey
  • Format: 180/175 x 80/75mm
  • Height: 80mm

180X80X80 mm

Mould shape


PTFE, Steel

Culinary application

Breads, Brioches, Cakes, Rectangular bread, Sandwich bread

Your profession


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