Finger madeleine mould 20 cells – 36 ml

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The Finger-madeleine is an innovative concept to boost your sales!

Format :

– 400X300 mm 00 cells
– Cavities dimensions : 130X25X23 mm – 36 ml

Gilles Sicart, bakery consultant and director of the Institut Technique des Métiers du Pain, is launching with Maé Innovation “le Finger-madeleine“, a series of moulds where your sensitivities can be expressed without limits. Madeleines with original shapes, chocolate, almonds, cereals, easy to eat as travel cakes… It’s up to you to create recipes and personalize your shop windows!

Silicone moulds offer you the possibility to develop catering preparations for out-of-home catering.

Easy to use!

Baking on a rack in your bread oven or in a ventilated oven!

Try the Finger madeleine mold!

Silmaé are silicone moulds designed both for baking deep-freezing and baking your sweet and savoury preparations (pastry, ice cream, cake, starter, seafood and meat products, buns, pastries…)

Premium silicone for one of intensive use
Use temperature-45°C + 280°C
Easy demoulding
Made in France

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Additional information



Plate size

400X300 mm


130X25X23 mm


69 ml



Mould shape




Culinary application

Chocolates, Entremets, Fingers, Madeleines

Your profession

Bakery, Hotels – Restaurants – Cafés – Caterers, Pastry shop

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