Bread baking mat- 400×800 mm

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Professional Bread baking mat

With our perforated baking mats, you can easily prepare your baked goods and obtain a crispy result. Thanks to the perforations in the fabric, the passage of hot air is facilitated. With the help of our fabric, you can make bread dough, pizza, choux pastry or sweet dough in no time.

Our openwork fibreglass baking mats are coated with silicone and guarantee non-stick properties. Prepare your recipes easily without adding fat!

All our sheets can be reused without losing their quality. Avoid the waste of paper baking sheets and opt for durability by using our mats!

This baking mat is also available in 310x515mm ;  400x600mm and 600x800mm.

The characteristics of the Bread baking mat

  • Dimensions: 400X800 mm
  • Brown borders
  • Easy to clean
  • Guaranteed food conformity (European and American standards in force)
  • Designed for multiple uses

Recommendations for use

Plate size

400X800 mm

Mould shape



Culinary application

Baguettes, Breads, Fougasses

Your profession

Bakery, Pastry shop

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