Baguettes mould 9 cells – 230x64x30 mm

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Fiberglass baguette mould

Fibermaé is our range of moulds made from an open-worked, siliconised fibreglass cloth with a non-stick silicone coating. The open-mesh fibreglass cloth favours the circulation of hot air and provides homogeneous baking. Fibermaé is ideal for baking buns, burgers, buns, hot dogs, ciabatta, etc… You get a beautiful crispy and golden crust!

Withstands extreme temperatures: -35 to +280°C
Easy demoulding.
Made in France.

Tray size: 400X600 mm
Number of cells: 9
Cell capacity: 335 ml
Outer side X: 390 mm
Outer side Y: 590 mm
Centre distance X: 99 mm
Centre distance Y: 330 mm

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400×600 mm

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