Maé Innovation has a new logo

Logo Maé Innovation

Maé Innovation has a new look! You may have already seen it on our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest pages? Our logo is changing! We wanted it to be more modern, more readable, more visible too!

How was our new Maé Innovation logo created? Explanations!

  • The outlines of the letters are slightly rounded to recall the texture of the silicone;
  • The letter “A” is also worked from a circle, which allows it to create a graphic break with the letter “E” and make the logo more readable
  • The graphic elements are spaced further apart to increase legibility
  • The “Maé” typography is increased / greased for greater visibility
  • The “Innovation” typography is in capital letters to accentuate the technical and precise character of Maé.
  • Finally, our logo is now accompanied by a graphic symbol, in line with our sector of activity: a silicone mould of course!


We hope you will be seduced by our new graphic identity!

NB: Thanks to Arnaud Berroy, artistic director, for his great work.


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