Maé is structured in 3 areas of expertise

Eco-friendly premises Maé Innovation

Since its creation in 1994, Maé Innovation has been the partner of players in many sectors of activity: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, railways, automotive, construction, electrical engineering, etc. Maé designs standard or custom-made silicone moulds and parts for all these sectors.

It is therefore quite natural that Maé Innovation is structured into 3 areas of expertise: Maé Food, Maé Cosmetics and Maé Industry! Each division has its own logo!


Maé Food, for the creation and manufacture of silicone moulds, fibreglass moulds, pastry equipment, bakery equipment (silicone and fibreglass baking mats, pastry trays, perforated or non-perforated aluminium trays, baking trays, ladders, trolleys, food trays)… everything that you, craftsmen, professionals and industrialists in the food industry need in your daily practice! With an offer of standard products, or the possibility of making your products unique, exclusive, with a customised manufacture!

Maé Cosmetics, for the creation and manufacture of your lipstick nipples and sticks, your moulds for solid cosmetics (shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, make-up remover, massage pebbles… ), moulds for soaps, slicing or coating, candle moulds, moulds for pharmaceuticals (suppositories, insemination of animals, orthopaedic insoles for horses…) and also technical parts such as cups for filling perfume bottles, cellophane wedges, jaws for screwing on caps or cream jars…

Maé Industry, for the manufacture of technical parts made to measure in small series, adapted to your activity: nipples for dosing machines, seals, bellows, resin recovery tanks, jaws, technical parts for machines, etc.


Maé Innovation, a clear identity for understood and satisfied customers! 

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