Fibreglass mould

Our Fibermaé food moulds, made in France, are made from an openwork fibreglass mat and coated with silicone.

Fibermaé has been specially designed for breads, brioches, and choux pastry. They are suitable for all raw and frozen doughs and produce a beautiful golden crust.

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The advantages of Fibermaé fibreglass moulds are:

  • Homogeneous cooking: the open meshes allow an excellent heat diffusion and offer a uniform cooking resulting in a beautiful golden crust.
  • Versatility: can be used for both baking and deep-freezing. Suitable for sweet and savoury cooking
  • Simplicity: easy to use, store and maintain
  • Non-sticking: thanks to an ingenious combination of silicone and fibreglass
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures (-35°C to 260°C)

fiberglass mould

A wide variety of shapes:

  • Hamburgers
  • Baguettes
  • Ciabattas
  • Hot Dog
  • Round, oval, triangular, rectangular, and square breads
  • Milk bread
  • Eclairs

fiberglass mould

A wide selection of sizes:

  • Pastry format (400×600), 400×800, 600×800 format close to GN 1/1 (400×300),
  • Individual cavities,
  • Any specific format adapted to your production lines.


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