Advantages of silicone moulds Silmaé

Silicone moulds

Silicone moulds: what are the advantages of Maé Innovation silicone moulds? 


Silicone moulds are nowadays the “must-have” of all professionals. Both flexible and resistant, silicone moulds have many qualities. The diversity of existing shapes means that they can be found everywhere, among craftsmen, food professionals, chefs, or even in industrial environments!

Let’s have a look at the advantages of all our Silmaé silicone moulds!


Lifetime of a silicone mould

Maé Innovation silicone moulds are designed for intensive use. Maé takes care to select a high quality silicone, which ensures a long life for its moulds. They are ultra-resistant, non-deformable and tear-proof, thanks to the flexibility of the selected silicone.


Many forms

Silicone can be used to obtain all the shapes you want, from the simplest (financial moulds, cylinders, madeleines, tarts, etc.) to the most elaborate (3D moulds, rose-shaped, diamond-shaped, igloo-shaped, etc.). More than 200 shapes of silicone moulds are available in our Maé Innovation catalogue, in “standard” format. There are moulds to share, mini moulds and individual moulds.

But Maé Innovation also has a design office capable of creating the shape you want. Thanks to the technical means of 3D printing or CAO3D, we can meet your needs according to the specifications that we establish together! You have the idea? Maé implements it! We create nearly 350 of them every year. So don’t hesitate, contact us and seduce your customers with shapes they are not used to seeing.


Food certificates

Maé has all the certificates of alimentarity guaranteeing the food use of its mussels.


Impressive strength of silicone moulds

  • temperature resistance: Maé Innovation silicone moulds are suitable for high temperatures, they can withstand extreme temperatures, from -35°C to +280°C (whereas most brands often propose a maximum cooking temperature of 240°C).
  • electrical resistance: silicone is not conductive
  • resistance to time: the robustness of silicone allows it to last a long time

Anti-stick qualities

Maé Innovation’s silicone moulds are made of premium silicone with enhanced non-stick properties. This makes them very easy to remove from the mould, without adding any fat beforehand. Your creations will be perfectly unmoulded when you take them out of the oven or the freezer.

Cleaning a silicone mould: as the removal from the mould is impeccable, so is the cleaning of your Maé moulds! A simple cleaning with soap allows you to find your moulds clean and ready to be re-used!

Find out how to clean your silicone moulds here.



What are the disadvantages of a silicone mould?

Well, we looked for one, but couldn’t find one! At Maé, we think that trying it is like adopting it!

However, Silmaé silicone moulds have a heat transfer to ensure a soft result. For crispy products, we recommend our Fibermaé range

For all the details on the use of your Maé Innovation silicone moulds, you can go to the page of recommendations for use.