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Chef Eric Lecerf gives us his recipe made in our silicone mould.
Recipe for a tart – MAE Ref. 000567
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A basil shortbread

An olive oil biscuit

A lemon basil cream

A crumble

Basil shortbread
Ingredients :

175g butter
80g icing sugar
80g almond powder
26g eggs
175g flour
0.5g fleur de sel
20g chopped basil

Mix the butter, icing sugar, almond powder, fleur de sel and chopped basil. Add the eggs and then the flour. Spread between 2 to 4mm. Bake for 10 minutes at 170°.

Olive oil biscuit
Ingredients :

160g sugar
1/2 lemon zest (yellow)
135g eggs
35g milk
100g olive oil
6g lemon juice
65g butter (melted)
165g flour
5g baking powder

Whisk the eggs + sugar + lemon zest for 10/15 minutes. Slowly add the liquids (olive oil, milk, lemon juice). Sift the flour and baking powder together with a marysee. Add the melted butter. Bake for 18/20 minutes at 160°.

Lemon basil cream
Ingredients :

180g lemon juice
1 lime peel
230g eggs
250g caster sugar
325g butter (ointment)
5g gelatine
11g basil leaves (chopped or mixed)

Soften the gelatine in cold water. Bring the lemon juice, zest, basil, eggs and sugar to the boil while stirring. Stir in the drained gelatine. Allow to cool to 35° and blend in the butter. Mix and serve.

Yellow mirror icing
Ingredients :

150g water
300g caster sugar
300g glucose
200g unsweetened condensed milk (or 150g uht cream)
20g gelatine
330g white chocolate
QS yellow colouring

Cook the water, sugar and glucose at 103°. Add the condensed milk, gelatine, colouring and chocolate. Mix and set aside at 4°. The next day, heat the icing to 40/45° and use at 35°.

Ingredients :

120g butter (cold)
115g brown sugar
120g flour
95g almond powder
1/4 lemon zest
Method: Cut the butter into small cubes and put in the fridge. Beat the (cold) butter with the rest of the ingredients in 1st gear. When the mixture starts to fluff, stop the mixer and finish by hand. Set aside in the fridge. Bake at 175/180°.


For decoration: gold leaf, coloured white chocolate (yellow or green), basil leaves, yellow food flower.


Recipe suggested by Eric Lecerf, pastry / chocolate trainer, for Maé Innovation.

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