Interview M. Philippe de Vogüé, CEO

Appeared on : Pan y Pizza.com

Date of publication : july 2019

Maé Innovation is a French company created 25 years ago.

Maé designs and manufactures premium silicone moulds for intensive use in the bakery-pastry sector, for both food industry and craftsmen. 

In addition to its wide range of standard products, Maé is also an expert in custom-made products.


You sell internationally, in which countries do you want to boost your sales? 

Maé does indeed work on exports, which represent about 40% of its sales. We sell all over the world, but we particularly want to focus our development on neighbouring European countries, especially Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.


25 years in the mussel sector, has this sector evolved much?

The market is growing. This dynamism can be explained in particular by the increasing integration of the silicone mould in industrial processes.

Competition has intensified with the appearance of new players. However, there are not so many manufacturers offering high quality silicone and a wide variety of shapes. The premium silicone used by Maé Innovation meets all European food standards. In addition, Maé offers nearly 250 shapes in its catalogue.

In addition, consumer habits and demands have also changed. They are looking for healthy products that are made in an environmentally friendly way, that are unique and original as well as good. Innovations such as 3D printing are helping to meet these demands.

For all these reasons, we are seeing an increase in requests from our customers for custom manufacturing.


You make customised moulds, can each project have its own mould?

New technologies, particularly 3D printing, and the skills of our design office enable us to respond to the demands and technical constraints of the food industry. Our designers support our clients in the development of their projects. We work with both top chefs and industrialists, for the food industry as well as other industries. So yes, every project can have its own mould!


What is the process like from the request for a project to the making of the final mould? Are you also involved in the design?

Food industry professionals call on Maé Innovation’s expertise because our design office advises and supports them throughout their project. The various stages range from the drafting of specifications to the production of the series, including 3D CAD modelling, the production of the prototype and the design and production of the tooling. We are therefore effectively involved in the design process to meet the requirements of our customers.


What material are your moulds made of? What is their approximate lifespan?

We offer different ranges of moulds to meet all the demands and specificities of our customers. Depending on whether they are making ice cream, pastries, savoury or sweet preparations, biscuits, hamburgers, bread or other products, one of our ranges meets their needs.

* Our Silmaé are premium silicone moulds, flexible, non-stick and easy to demould, designed for intensive industrial use. We offer a wide range of shapes, both classic (cylinders, domes, etc.) and more original (drops, pebbles, hearts, etc.) and create new ones every year.

* Our Fibermaé are siliconised fibreglass moulds more suitable for breads, hamburgers, bagels and choux pastries. Their open mesh allows for better air circulation and even baking.

* We also have steel moulds with non-stick coating for breads, especially for buns.

* We also offer custom-made sheets of different shapes (cylinders, madeleines, etc.) with a silicone or PTFE coating, depending on your needs, for biscuits and other products.

* And finally, Maé has recently innovated to meet the specific requirements of an industrial customer, by offering a mould on a metal structure with silicon cells guaranteeing rigidity to meet the problems of production lines and flexibility and non-stick properties for easy removal from the mould and cleaning.

Our bestseller remains the Silmaé, the range of silicone moulds.


Apart from moulds, what other products do you offer the bakery sector?

In addition to the moulds, we offer all the equipment necessary for the bakery sector: bread nets (in siliconised fibreglass, stainless steel or aluminium), baking trays (perforated or not, with 45° or 90° angles, with or without coating), stainless steel grids (with or without edges), but also storage ladders and bakery trolleys. In addition, we are part of the FoodTech Alliance, an association of French specialists (Mérand: a specialist in dough mechanisation, Hengel: a manufacturer of freezing, conservation and fermentation equipment, Hubert Cloix: a manufacturer of pastry cookers, ice cream makers and ice cream machines, and Guyon, an oven manufacturer). We thus offer a complete range of products and a turnkey solution for bakery-pastry chains and mass distribution.


How do you think the pastry and bakery sector is evolving?

Evolution of the offre :

Economic, cultural and societal changes have disrupted consumption habits but also opened up new opportunities for growth and innovation in this sector. With the reduction in quantities and the simplification of meals, bread consumption is tending to decrease. Bakers must adapt by rethinking their space, their offer, the organisation of their work and diversify their activity by surfing on the attractiveness of snacking, snacks, the growing demand for gluten-free, allergen-free, vegetarian and healthy products…Furthermore, it is also important to focus on quality.

Evolution of the mode of distribution:

In addition to the traditional artisanal bakeries, numerous brands and franchises are springing up.


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