roulettes chariot

Baking and storage trolley wheels are different from other trolley wheels. They have specific technical features that allow baking and storage trolleys to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as to support heavy things. But how do you take care of your wheels?

Trolley wheels from our catalog

At Maé, we have 2 references of wheels for your trolley:

  • Rotating wheel 80×35 mm, reference : 009432
  • Rotating wheel 100×35 mm, reference : 009431

roulette chariot      roulette chariot

The technical characteristics of our wheels:

Our solid thermosetting resin wheels are resistant to temperatures from -20°C to +300°C.

The double-row ball swivel bearing made of high temperature food grade grease and zinc-plated steel clevises allows you to push your trolley easily. The wheels fit all types of storage and baking trolleys.



Our wheels are suitable for applications in humid environments, where medium-harsh chemicals are present and are herefore particularly suitable for food industry and oven applications.


Maintenance of wheels

To ensure the durability of your wheels, we recommend that you do not hose down the wheels to avoid damaging the ball bearings.

Check your wheels and mounts frequently. Make sure there is no backlash, no wear, and that the bearings are working properly.

Order your wheels for your baking trolley:

Do not hesitate any longer! Contact our sales department directly to order your casters.

You can also download the Maé catalog to see all our product lines.


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