honeycomb recipe

Honeycomb pebble – “Eleana”
Chef Eric Lecerf gives us his recipe made in our silicone mould.
Recipe for 1 pebble – MAE Ref. 012720
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Soft orange biscuit
Orange-saffron jelly
Honey mousse
Honey neutral topping
White chocolate decorations
Soft orange biscuit
Ingredients :

135g eggs
155g caster sugar
1 piece of orange peel
100g olive oil
35g milk
10g orange juice
165g flour
5g baking powder
65g melted butter

Whisk the eggs with the sugar and zest for 10min. Gently add the liquids (olive oil, milk and orange juice). Gently add the flour and baking powder sifted together. Finish with the melted butter. Pour into the 15cm diameter moulds and bake at 160°C for 15min.

Orange-saffron jelly

360g orange juice
30g passion fruit puree
50g honey
40g sugar
6g NH pectin
10 pieces of Iranian saffron pistils
3,5g gelatine
Boil orange juice, passion fruit puree, sugar and honey, pectin with saffron pistils for 1min. Drizzle over the hydrated gelatine before pouring over the orange biscuits in the same mould.

Honey mousse

290g honey
1 piece of vanilla pod
18g gelatine
45g white chocolate
825g whipped cream 35% MG

Cook the honey at 130°C and pour over the yolks with the vanilla bean. Then beat with a mixer until completely cool. Add the hydrated and melted gelatine. Fold in the melted white chocolate, then gently fold in the whipped cream. Place in the honeycomb moulds.


Honey neutral topping
Ingredients: 200g water
200g water
135g honey
165g caster sugar
8g Pectin NH
30g sugar
115g glucose
10g gelatine
Yellow colouring QS
Mix the pectin with the 30g of sugar. Boil the water, honey and 165g of caster sugar, adding the pectin-sugar mixture for 2 minutes. Add the glucose, gelatine and colouring. Store at 4°C.


White chocolate decorations
White chocolate QS
QS Gold Glitter Powder
Develop the chocolate and spread on a honeycomb relief. Allow to crystallise before adding the glitter powder.


Ingredients :
White chocolate decorations
Edible flowers
Pour the mousse into the silicone honeycomb mould. Then add the biscuit and the jelly (insert) and smooth the whole. Freeze before unmoulding and ice the frozen cake. Place on a cardboard box. Finally, place the white chocolate decoration and finish with two edible flowers.

Recipe proposed by Eric Lecerf for Maé Innovation.

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