entremet gael etrillard


Chef Gael Etrillard gives us his recipe made in our silicone mould


Recipe for 5 Entremets – MAE mould Ref.12125
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Almond, Ginger and Olive Oil Sponge:

337g Almond paste
80g Candied ginger
240g Eggs
30g Flour T45 (Super Violet – Tomizawa)
2g Baking powder
25g Potato starch
30g Mango powder
37g Butter (melted at 40°C)
90g Olive oil

In a robot coupe, place the almond paste, ginger and eggs.
Blend until smooth and transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl.
Start to whip up with paddle attachment in medium speed for 4mn.
Sieve the flour, baking powder, potato starch and mango powder.
Add those dry ingredients to the almond mixture and add melted butter followed by olive oil.
Pour this mixture into flexipan and bake at 160°C for 9mn.

Almond base:

260g Basic almond streusel
16g Cacao butter

Warm the streusel and add cocoa butter.
Toss vigorously and spread over almond and olive oil sponge.

Spicy Mango Jelly:

278g Les Vergers Boiron Spicy Mango Purée
15g Les Vergers Boiron Specialty Ginger Purée
40g Gelatin mixture

Heat up 78g of spicy mango purée with gelatin.
Add the rest of the purées.
Pour in a plastic container and let it set in the fridge.

Kalamansi Mousse:

750g Kalamansi cream (see below)
75g Les Vergers Boiron Kalamansi Purée 100%
250g Italian meringue
500g Cream (35% fat)

Smooth the kalamansi cream with kalamansi puree.
Check the temperature to make sure it is at 20°C.
Add a bit of kalamansi cream into the whipped cream and a bit in the Italian meringue.
Mix everything gently.

Kalamansi Cream:

190g Eggs
30g Egg yolks
230g Sugar
110g Les Vergers Boiron Kalamansi Purée 100%
50g Les Vergers Boiron Lemon Purée 100%
92g Gelatin mixture
300g Butter

Beat up egg and sugar until pale. Add puree and cook like a pastry cream.
Remove from the stove and add gelatin.
Cool down to 45°C and add butter.
Blend with hand blender for 1mn.

Spicy Mango Glaze:

200g Les Vergers Boiron Spicy Mango Purée
15g Les Vergers Boiron Bergamot Purée 100%
440g Neutral glaze

Warm all ingredients TO 55°C and use immediately.


Cut both sponge and almond base with a 11cm cutter.
Stick the sponge over the almond base with the kalamansi mousse and freeze.
Pipe the kalamansi mousse in the mould and insert bits of spicy mango jelly in.
Top up with more mousse and close with sponge and almond base.
Freeze and glaze.


Recipe proposed by Gael Etrillard, Pastry Chef, for Maé Innovation. 

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