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What are EasyPie moulds?

Maé’s EasyPie moulds are a range of silicone moulds designed to make your pies without shaping the dough. The shape of the mould has been specially designed to accommodate poachable pastries and appliances.

A Maé innovation

The EasyPie moulds were designed with the help of pastry chef Frédéric Bourse.

Made in France, these silicone moulds allow you to obtain a very soft result in record time.

1 mould = different uses

At Maé Innovation, a mould is equal to many applications. An EasyPie mould can be used to make decorations, travel cakes, pies or savoury dishes.

Discover all the different uses here.

You can also check out our video tutorial of the strawberry tartlet and the Easy Tarte recipes by chef Léo Bardy :

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                                                The round EasyPie mould

moule à tarte easy tarte rond

The EasyPie round moulds allow you to make many recipes, whether sweet or savoury, the preparation of your creations is made easier with these moulds. No more shaping the dough, just fill the mould as you wish.

The EasyPie round mould is ideal for making quiches, pizzas, sweet or savoury tarts and many other possibilities!

Discover the tomato, pesto and burrata pie recipe.


Discover all our references :


Easy Pie mould 013714

(Ø200x25mm – 1 cavity – 463mL)

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Easy Pie mould 013712

(Ø160x25mm – 1 cavity – 308mL)

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Easy Pie mould 013731

(40×60 mm et 40×30 mm – cavity dimensions 45×12 mm)

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Easy Pie mould 013732

(40×60 mm, 40×30 mm et 20×30 mm- cavity dimensions 90×15 mm)

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The square EasyPie mould

moule easy tarte carré

The square EasyPie mould is the perfect mould for making sweet and savoury desserts. This mould is especially designed to accommodate poachable pastries and appliances.

You can easily turn out your pastry thanks to the flexibility and non-stick quality of the mould. You will obtain a soft pastry in record time.

Forget about shaping the pastry with the EasyPie moulds!

Reference : 013683

Cell quantity : 24

Cell dimensions : Ø80x80x20mm

Cell volume : 72ml

Discover the chocolate and strawberry tartlets recipe.

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                                               The finger EasyPie mould

moule à tarte finger

The EasyPie Finger mould is perfect for making your sweet and savoury recipes while giving them an elegant shape in record time.

Especially designed to accommodate poachable appliances, this mould will allow you to obtain a soft and aesthetic result without shaping the dough.

Reference : 013690

Cell quantity : 24

Cell dimensions : Ø145x33x20mm

Cell volume : 63ml

Discover the recipe of the milk chocolate and peanuts finger.

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