COEUR PETILLANT – By chef Pierre-Edouard Banry

Chef Pierre-Edouard Banry gives us his recipe made in our silicone mould.
Recipe for 10 small cakes – MAE Ref. 012707 40×30
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Almond and vanilla biscuit
Ingredients: :

47,7g butter
36,8g caster sugar 1
8,7g egg yolks
82,2g roasted almond powder
19.4g T55 flour
73,4g egg whites
34,5g caster sugar 2
0,1g vanilla pod
53,8g crushed roasted almonds

Roast the almond powder and almonds (crushed) for 20 minutes at 150°C. Mix the butter with the sugar 1, the yolks, the roasted almond powder (cold), the flour and the vanilla. Beat the egg whites with the second sugar.

Mix the two ingredients together. Spread on a smooth silicone frame. Sprinkle the biscuit with the chopped roasted almonds. Bake at 165°C for about 15-18 minutes. When cold, cut out 40 biscuits with a biscuit cutter (4cm).

Strawberry and rose compote
Ingredients :

155g strawberry puree
75g fresh strawberries
20g caster sugar
3,5g pectin NH
0.2g rose oil

Heat the purée and strawberries to 45-50°C. Add the sugar and pectin mixture. Cook in the stock. When cold, add a few drops of rose essence.

Champagne mousse
Ingredients :

157g Champagne
0,8g orange zest
0,8g lemon peel
123.3g caster sugar
86,3g egg yolks
78,1g gelatine mass
320,5g whipped cream 35

Heat half the champagne with the sugar and the zest. Chinoiser and cook with the yolks. Pour over the other half of the champagne and the gelatine mass. Blend. Mix with the whipped cream when the mixture is 35-40°C.

In a MAE INNOVATION 3D heart mould with 12 cavities – 100 ml:



Recipe proposed by Pierre Edouard Banry, pastry chef, consultant-trainer, for Maé Innovation.