Are silicone moulds oven safe?

Silicone moulds

The answer is yes !


Silicone moulds can be used in all types of ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens, conventional ovens and many others! The question is, is it the right size? Indeed, some moulds have dimensions that do not correspond to standard ovens, especially for individuals.

What maximum temperature can a silicone mould withstand?

It all depends on the quality of the silicone mould you choose, standard quality silicone moulds can withstand a temperature of 180°C to 240°C.

Note that the temperature that a silicone mould can withstand is an indication of its quality


What is the temperature resistance of Maé Innovation’s Silmaé moulds?

Maé Innovation silicone moulds are ovenproof and can withstand a temperature of +300°C (with certain precautions). They are designed for intensive and professional use. Thus, they are adapted to the needs and materials of professionals. They are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of up to -100°C (with certain precautions). Maé Innovation silicone resists the transition from hot to cold, even during rapid thermal transitions.
Maé Industry, for the manufacture of technical parts made to measure in small series, adapted to your activity: nipples for dosing machines, seals, bellows, resin recovery tanks, jaws, technical parts for machines, etc.

Fiberglass moulds can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to +260°C.


Moule silicone au four


A few precautions to make the most of your Maé Innovation silicone mould

  • Do not place the silicone moulds in contact with flames.
  • Use a perforated support for your silicone moulds (aluminium baking tray or stainless steel grid)
  • Adapt the cooking time and temperature according to the oven used.
  • Do not use sharp or abrasive tools or accessories.

For detailed information on the use of your Maé Innovation silicone moulds. You can go to the page of recommendations for use silicone moulds.